Orangeville Straw Bale House

Orangeville, ON

This 2,800 square foot, 3 bedroom post & beam house just north of Toronto utilises baled straw as infill walls. Most of the post and beam timber structure, floor planking, interior and exterior wood finishes came from wood reserves on the property. The design incorporates a large wrap around porch which protects the stucco covered straw bale walls. The traditional lime/cement stucco mix is a code acceptable air barrier, which allows moisture to transpire through in both directions. The stucco in this house is coloured with natural iron oxide pigments. Typically 2 coats of paint on the interior of the stucco is used as the vapour barrier. The large roof gives the owners a strong feeling of shelter and creates many inhabitable niches, dormers, and bay windows on the second floor. The giant eaves space all the way around also provides attic storage space for this basement-less house. An attached greenhouse addition is proposed for the south east side of the house.