Loche Isle Residence

Ottawa, ON

Evocative of a traditional farmhouse, this net zero energy home is certified to LEED platinum – the highest possible rating in that green building rating system. The owners wanted a warm but contemporary farmhouse vibe while living in the city. The house was a finalist for GOHBA 2014 green home of the year awards. The house is just under 4,000 s.f., including a wonderful loft-like craft room over the two car garage. Special features include an underground cistern, which stores 50% of the rainwater collected from the roofs. This water is then used to irrigate the extensive mature gardens. The galvanized steel roof supports 34 - 260 watt photovoltaic panels that are hooked back into the hydro grid. The 8.8 Kwhr system annually generates more energy than is used to heat and power the house. The house is rotated due south in order to maximize the potential for passive solar gains in winter. Broad roof overhangs, wood trellises and serious insulation keep the house cool in summer. Extensive use of LED light fixtures and energy star appliances complete the energy efficient package.

The open plan design allows for a smooth flow of living spaces, while the different ceiling heights and sliding glass doors create separation and variety when needed.