The Georgian Green

2010 GOHBA Custom Green Home of the Year Award Winner
Ottawa, ON

The owners had their old house deconstructed and recycled in order to build a new super energy efficient LEED platinum house on a lot in Rockcliffe that they had owned for many years.

The existing pavers, landscaping, driveway, trees, plants & excavated boulders were all kept for incorporation into the new exterior. The new house footprint is similar to the footprint of the previous house.

The new house is considerably brighter and more open in plan than the old house. Aesthetically it is a Georgian dream, with FSC certified woods, low VOC's components, geothermal radiant heated floors, roof rainwater cisterns, EPA certified fireplaces, recycled content glass, ceramics & drywall, and all locally sourced natural soapstone, marble and granite. The kitchen uses coloured concrete countertops with a high recycled fly ash content.

The super efficient building envelope uses triple glazed windows on the north sides and an abundance of double glazed low e argon filled windows on the south side. Excessive glazing on the west was avoided. Walls are insulated with soya-based polyurethane foam insulation and 1.5" of expanded polystyrene insulation. The house is naturally lit throughout most of the day with tall double hung windows, a stairwell cupola and well insulated French doors. The cupola cools the house by means of a large fan which draws the warm air up and out the remote controlled operable windows. Light is infused in all rooms by windows on at least two sides of each room and by light transoms above the interior doors. There is little need to ever turn on the LED pot lights, which decorate the ceilings.

Photography by: William P. McElligott