Balmoral Place

GOHBA Green Home Award Winner
Ottawa, ON

The owners decided to build a new larger, brighter, more energy efficient bungalow in place of an old 1940’s bungalow they had been living in for many years. As part of their commitment to green building the old house was sold and relocated to a new property in Navan.

With an EnerGuide rating of 89 out of a possible 100, the rating is 14 points higher than a home built to the Ontario Building Code and 9 points higher than the requirement for an Energy Star® home. Greenhouse gas emissions were reduced by 32%, and energy consumption was reduced by 58% compared to a homebuilt to the Ontario Building Code. The final air test result was a 1.00 air change per hour @ 50Pa (0.08 cfm @ 50Pa), which is a 60% improvement over the Energy Star requirement for 2011, and a 33% improvement over the benchmark requirement for R-2000.

Other extraordinary measures taken to conserve energy include a continuous 2” layer of exterior insulation to reduce heat bridging, additional insulation under the basement slab, R60 insulation in the attic, a radiant floor heating system in multiple zones, a super high-efficiency boiler (98%), an ERV, an air to air 15 SEER heat pump, a drain water heat recovery pipe, four sun tunnels and a 4’ roof overhang for solar shade. The house is designed with a rear- south facing courtyard to capture daylight throughout the day, particularly in the winter time.

Lighting included 25% compact fluorescent bulbs, LED lights and dimmers throughout to reduce energy consumption. High efficiency plumbing fixtures were used, including dual-flush toilets and low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators.